Welcome to the official website of Infinity-Tunes Records

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Infinity-Tunes Records

Welcome to the official website of Infinity-Tunes Records

Infinity-Tunes is an independent psychedelic record label that was created in 2014. The reason was to bring all the new upcoming talented artists in the center of trance scene without any strange ideologies, sentiments of racism and exploitation intentions. Infinity-Tunes Records was initiated in order to complete the Infinity-Tunes platform as a supporting tool for young artists in electronic psy music. The label philosophy is as simple as demanding : helping young producers and Djs to release their music without depending on Major Label structures.


Infinity-Tunes is not just another business label. It's a family. The label is getting stronger every day and more artists are coming for contact. Artists from Australia, Israel, Greece, Italy, Germany, Japan, Serbia, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil and from many other countries are approaching the family. In our music catalogue releases you will only find tracks made directly from the heart. If you are looking for the mainstream style of psytrance scene, sorry... but this is not the place for you to be. This label picks and choose only electronic music that has a meaning and a story to the ears. You will see and understand this from time to time while you are taking your chance to explore all of our releases.


Infinity-Tunes is a message to all trancers, movers and groovers, lovers and haters from all over this world that must be heard LOUD. We kindly ask you to meet Infinity-Tunes and you'll only receive 100% ORIGINAL and unique trance music, made with passion and desire. You can expect many exclusive and top fresh releases from newcomers but also well known talented artists that have the best mood to release their beautiful music via Infinity-Tunes. The styles that the label is releasing are : Psychedelic Trance –- Progressive Trance –- Ambient mostly and everything that sounds good to the ear. You will be able to buy and listen to our releases under the best online stores such as : Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Junodownload, Trackitdown, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify and more.


Family Artists & Djs

Akron, Aura, Badbug, Crop, Crystal Sense, Enarxis, Enki, Hamada, HpsyV, Illegal Substances, Infinity, Intestinal Brain, Liveloula, Morse Code, Nick Pall, Pointfield, Prizm Prime, Procyon, PsyFlame, Stellina, Straight Ahead, Timelex, Trycerapt & Upsoul.

Infinity-Tunes and all the artists involved wish you a great day and thank you for visiting our cyberspace.

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