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Golden Drop

Golden Drop aka DJ Entrance is the solo music project by Stelios Karniotakis, a music producer based in Crete/Greece. Forced with great zest and excitement, his composition is a continuous ramp-up process with his debut release 'Man Must Explore', launched in July 2017 by Infinity-Tunes. Born in 1981, his first 'bits' of music originated in genres of heavy metal and psychedelic rock but around 2000 a major shift to EDM ignited an exploration period in parties and festivals for more than a decade. For the last five years, a strong & continuously learning on an individual level have sharpen his skills to transpose his music influences from Djing in clubs and parties into music production. His music can be described as pure psytrance, mixed with triple bassline rhythms, sunny progressive melodic riffs, aggressive stabs, eclectic synth shots, loony vocals and multiple space effects.

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