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The 'Tentura' project was formed by the composer/producer Alexander Pidgorny (Alexandr Pidgornyi - Ader) & Stanislav Yastremsky (Maket) in 2008. A very well known chill-out project and much respected from many people of the Ambient-Chill community, they are 'exporting' deep psycho-delic chill out music. Alexander Pidgorny, also well know from his solo projects 'Spacenode' & 'Force Production' has performed in some of the greatest Ukrainian psychedelic trance festivals. Since 2013, Alexander runs the project alone. With more than 20 audio studio works (tracks on compilations & multiple Eps), Tentura blows up our speakers with his awesome second album 'Distant Dreams' on Infinity-Tunes. A great new journey holding seven exclusive and previously unreleased chill-out titles with pure emotional sounds. Our family, proudly have him on board, introduce you a top notch down-tempo artist with a bright future in front.


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