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Pointfield is Bojan Mizdrak from Belgrade,Serbia. Born in 1982, at the age of 20 he started his career as a local Dj, playing Psychedelic Trance music. He traveled and played his favorite psytrance tunes all around Serbia, in festivals but also to indoor parties. In 2010 he started to produce progressive psychedelic trance and psy-chill, downtempo music while he was discovering DAWS. Bojan has numerous releases on well known respected labels such as: Solid Recordings, Eclipse Records, Starlight Records and off course on Infinity-Tunes. Pointfield's sounds consists of dynamic and synthetic ideas that are characterized by deep fat bass lines, mostly triple rhythms, melodic, combined synth arpeggios and multiple effects while the arrangements can keep you in a very serious trance path. We are feeling very proud to have this artist on board. Pointfield's new debut digital album will be released soon by Infinity-Tunes.

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