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Creativity at its best. This artist is a resourceful producing machine. Behind the project Timelex we find - not unknown for us - Giordano De Iasio were we met him through his side projects Jordoz and Brainstorm (With Bizzo). Based in Padova/Italy, with this new and enlightening project, Giordano is delivering fresh, 'ariose' music and a different scenario. Super builds combined with oriental influenced uplifting ideas, followed by powerful, storming monster rhythms and magnificent 'fat' basslines to rip the dancefloor apart. His music will make you fly in a blissful morning 'Time' travel. Deep, entrancing subtle tunes to float like never before. Giordano was born in 1992 in Parma. Since he was a child he loved music and arts and in the age of 14 he started to play the guitar with his own father as a teacher. A great promising artist that you all must watch out for.

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