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Procyon is Manuel Fernandez from Mexico. Young and very ambitious, he is making his first steps into the trance scene with outstanding results. Fernandez also well know from his other side project Akron, started to produce several styles in 2001 and a few years later he changed his direction and finally decided that psychedelic trance was the genre that he needed to devote himself. Procyon represent a very lysergic visionary sound that tastes like space and smells like the unlimited universe. Enriched and inspired by indigenous themes, his sound is native in the diverse culture of both, 'urban' and 'rural'. Procyon's debut EP 'The Age Of Ultron' was released by Infinity-Tunes back in February 2016. We can assure you that more will come from Procyon in the future. We must mention that the project originaly was created by Israel Noren and Manuel Fernandez.

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